Trade Marks

What Services Do We Provide?

Manage and Monitor Trademarks

This includes monitoring your trademark applications as they go through the steps toward registration and, if requested, monitoring your registered trademarks to notify and assist with trademark renewal obligations and deadlines in the future.

Trademark Registration

This includes reviewing your current or planned trademark usage and advising you on how to put together your best possible trademark application as well as assisting with responses to office actions from the USPTO.

Trademark Defense

If you need assistance defending your trademark rights against infringing users or, if your trademark has been cited as an infringing mark by someone else, we may be able to provide assistance in your defense.

Professional Trademark Search

We work with a professional search company to determine users that may be an obstacle in your path to registration, including federal trademark owners, state trademark owners, and common law users. These searches are included when you do a trademark application with us but these searches can also be provided as a stand alone service.

Assignments and Licenses

We can assist with drafting, editing, or reviewing trademark assignments or licenses in the event you wish to give someone else rights to use your intellectual property or wish to acquire rights to use someone else’s intellectual property.